Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A few purchases

My hands have been slapped (just joking, Lotta!) for not sharing my latest treasures from my local bead store, when they had a 50 percent, plus an extra 15 percent off sale for their member(s), i.e. me!

Here are my finds: faceted roundels of red spinel (raspberry red) and red spinel (redder red) and pink tourmaline. I have, as usual not had time to sit down and make anything with them yet, but … as I just finished my freelance project this week, I will be able to claim my own time again starting next week … if there is such a thing as “my own time” with my two little girls.

I also fell in love with these two strands from two wonderful Etsy sellers. The first one, smooth grossular garnet, from Wynna at and the second one, Oregon sunstone, from Derek at Yeah, well … I didn’t just fall in love with them, I ordered them. Got the first one and they were beautiful! And I got the sunstone, which I learned is real sunstone and not the manmade stuff most people sell and I stay away from. Let’s just say, “Wow!” They are fabulous! Absolutely gorgeous stone! Nothing at all like the commercially pawned sunstone ...if I may be so crass … and I may, since this is my blog! Ha!


Lotta said...

Hi Katja,

Gorgeous! I am so happy I made you show and tell! The spinel beads are adorable! Did I say they are gorgeous?

What do you mean about manmade sunstone? Have examples of faux stones? (Kan du ju gärna skicka privat också...) When I read up on sunstone on gemmy sites, they basically describe what I have bought, a yellow-orange-ish feltspar with glimmers. Please don't tell me they are fakes! I would be so dissapointed.

katja said...


Sounds like what you are describing is the real thing, but I convoed you a link to the manmade stuff. And of course, it's not advertised as manmade. I've never liked the stuff; too peachy, but this is NOT. It's gorgeous!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

ooh, these are lovely. It would like to just put them in alabaster bowls around the house!

katja said...

Go for it, Maryam!!! LOL!

Gemheaven said...

OOhhh Katja more beautiful gems - can't wait to see what you create!!

More Etsy stores to look at lol!!