Monday, March 24, 2008

Beadaholics Anonymous

Yeah, yeah, whatever! I know. But I got them anyway, so there! Microfaceted 7mm lilac amethyst rondelles and 8-14mm (!) smooth spessartine garnet pears. I’m in heaven!


Judy of JUMA said...

I know what you mean!! I think I only seriously making and selling jewelry so my husband doesn't completely kill me for my bead obsession! Some people are addicted to alcohol or drugs. Not me... it's BEADS (and maybe shoes and bags too). It's a BIG sickness for me.

Lotta said...

I'm placing a big bead order this week. It has grown to about twice the size (price) of what I originally planned. I really need to start selling off parts of my stash, make way for the new stuff. Really. But when do I find time to take all the pics and post to Etsy?

katja said...

I know your dilemma! The Etsy ting is a pain in the butt and has totally put a damper on the creating process. I just want to make! Not photograph, not list, not write descriptions. Oh, but I do want to SELL! He, he!

And Judy, it's bad! (and you can add jackets and coats to that list!!!)