Thursday, February 4, 2010

Belated Tales of Blessings

I know some of you already know, actually, most of you probably already know, my long tale of acquiring a house. I prayed and waited and waited and prayed and I was finally blessed with the house I had claimed as mine for over four months. I cleaned and spackled and sanded and spackled and cleaned and painted and cleaned some more. At long last, I was able to move in the day before Thanksgiving, but the work didn’t stop there. I bought a new water heater, a new toilet, had the garage door repaired, had a shower faucet repaired, had a gas line moved, a brand new stove installed, a brand new dishwasher installed, electrical wires uncrossed and a house fire averted. It’s been a busy three months—and pictures are long overdue—but I’m finally sharing two of my Christmas-decorated rooms with you here.

Here’s wishing you a truly blessed 2010! In my camp, the year is off to an equally busy start as the last one ended.

Dining Room

Living Room