Sunday, October 28, 2007

This is it!

I really, truly am not buying any more after this. At least not for a while. I need to sit down and make something—anything—before I add any more beads to my inventory, which, by the way, is taking up more and more of the space I don’t have!

Pictured are strands of labradorite (I know, I already got some, but this is a different cut), gorgeous tourmaline, beautiful white moonstone, and tiny iolite.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Earth’s Bounty

Or at least bounty from The Earth Bazaar. So, they had a(nother) fabulous sale and I decided to make a major investment. It’s part of my feeling like I’m heading in a new direction with my jewelry. I still like doing what I’ve been doing, but I am also incredibly inspired by Magdalena Borejko and Iza Malczyk, not to mention Eni Oken, of course. I obviously don’t want to infringe on their styles, respectively, but there might be some way to do my own take on the wire wrapping. Granted, they have time. I believe all three of these lovely ladies do this full-time. And at least two of them have told me it’s highly addictive. I don’t have time for anything highly addictive! But I would still like to expand on what I’ve been doing so far. And I’m really tempted to integrate silversmithing, but haven’t quite figured out how yet. Kathy, of the soon-to-be-closed bead store KMarie Beads, is opening up a metalsmithing studio, with space and equipment for rent. The only thing is, if I have to start factoring all that into the price of my pieces, it adds yet another element to keep track of. I figured, I’ll start with buying LOTS of faceted stones and see where that takes me … so, whaddayathink?!

There’s amethyst, beer quartz, phrenite, peridot, hessonite, citrine, garnet, spessartine garnet, petro tourmaline, and mandarine garnet, and not necessarily in that order. While I was at it, I decided to attend a private sale with Sir Arun, and this is what I picked up from him. From the back: chrysocolla (this is a gorgeous strand), labradorite (best quality I’ve ever seen!), pink rutile (scrumptious), sapphire (pinks and greens ... mmm!) and, last but not least, black onyx. Can you tell I REALLY like the stuff I got from Arun? He truly has that little (!?) extra, in addition to the fact I get to hold and pick my own strands. I’m in bead heaven!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Coming and going

So, I downloaded, or is it uploaded? I really don’t know which direction the files are going ... could be side loaded, since the card reader attaches to the side of my laptop. Anyway! Whichever way they ended up in iPhoto, I came across this picture I took of a fun necklace I made a couple of weeks ago, and I realized I’d sort of prepared it for Etsy, but it never made it there. I took it to work, and one of my best customers snapped it up even without trying it on. She’s so funny, “I know it’ll fit.” Yes, but don’t you want to see if you like it ... ? She sees, she buys! Not that I mind, mind you, but I’m picky and sometimes I don’t even like what I’ve made if it doesn’t hang right. Right?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Times of change

I have been in denial for quite a while now, but I finally owned up to it: I DO want to learn more complicated wire wrapping!! I just bought a tutorial from Eni Oken for the lovely earrings you see here. I already bought a tutorial from Magdalena for a wonderful almond-shaped pendant, which I figured I would use some time in light years to come since it’s quite intricate ... well, I’m obviously getting the itch NOW! Not sure how soon I will actually get the chance to sit down and make these earrings (which I fell in love with as soon as Eni posted them after Mother’s Day), but at least I have the tutorial on hand for when I have all the right materials and lots of time on my hands. Thank God she labeled the project “easy”!

And while you’re here, check out the link I posted on the right for Polish jewelry artist Iza. I found her site through Magda and I am in awe! I’ll just be pleased if I can master making these earrings ... !

Friday, October 5, 2007

Beautiful treats

Look at these cute little tags I just ordered on Etsy. It’s amazing how creative people are, and what people are actually buying and selling there, including myself. I could stand to sell a few more things on Etsy, but at the same time I feel like I might be taking a different direction in my jewelry design in the near future, so might as well wait a little bit and post new items when I have some new FUN things to show. I’m hoping to make a few things this weekend, while the girls are away.

Oh, yeah! I also bought the gorgeous earrings below. Ahem! Guess I was tired of drooling ...

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fabulous earrings!

I’ve been drooling again lately (this could become a serious problem!). This time over these fabulous earrings by a fellow Etsyan. She has a certain Eni Oken flavor, which I am obviously drawn to, but has definitely found her own style, and it is oh, so lovely! I’ve added her Etsy site to my links on the right (Magdalena’s Atelier), so be sure to check it out for inspiration. In the meantime, I’m tempted to empty my bank account for these ... donations are welcome!