Thursday, October 11, 2007

Times of change

I have been in denial for quite a while now, but I finally owned up to it: I DO want to learn more complicated wire wrapping!! I just bought a tutorial from Eni Oken for the lovely earrings you see here. I already bought a tutorial from Magdalena for a wonderful almond-shaped pendant, which I figured I would use some time in light years to come since it’s quite intricate ... well, I’m obviously getting the itch NOW! Not sure how soon I will actually get the chance to sit down and make these earrings (which I fell in love with as soon as Eni posted them after Mother’s Day), but at least I have the tutorial on hand for when I have all the right materials and lots of time on my hands. Thank God she labeled the project “easy”!

And while you’re here, check out the link I posted on the right for Polish jewelry artist Iza. I found her site through Magda and I am in awe! I’ll just be pleased if I can master making these earrings ... !


Leezy said...

I must say, there's nothing that looks 'eay' to me about them thar earrings! But kudos to you for taking it on - yay for Katja!

Love the necklace you made for Pattoo - is that Pat as in Patti???? Or someone else. Anyway, gorgeous work — you really have quite the talent there.

Can't wait for that next illustration assignemt, chat soon

Leezy said...

okay, that's meant to say 'easy' but if you know me atall typing is my weakest link!