Monday, October 22, 2007

The Earth’s Bounty

Or at least bounty from The Earth Bazaar. So, they had a(nother) fabulous sale and I decided to make a major investment. It’s part of my feeling like I’m heading in a new direction with my jewelry. I still like doing what I’ve been doing, but I am also incredibly inspired by Magdalena Borejko and Iza Malczyk, not to mention Eni Oken, of course. I obviously don’t want to infringe on their styles, respectively, but there might be some way to do my own take on the wire wrapping. Granted, they have time. I believe all three of these lovely ladies do this full-time. And at least two of them have told me it’s highly addictive. I don’t have time for anything highly addictive! But I would still like to expand on what I’ve been doing so far. And I’m really tempted to integrate silversmithing, but haven’t quite figured out how yet. Kathy, of the soon-to-be-closed bead store KMarie Beads, is opening up a metalsmithing studio, with space and equipment for rent. The only thing is, if I have to start factoring all that into the price of my pieces, it adds yet another element to keep track of. I figured, I’ll start with buying LOTS of faceted stones and see where that takes me … so, whaddayathink?!

There’s amethyst, beer quartz, phrenite, peridot, hessonite, citrine, garnet, spessartine garnet, petro tourmaline, and mandarine garnet, and not necessarily in that order. While I was at it, I decided to attend a private sale with Sir Arun, and this is what I picked up from him. From the back: chrysocolla (this is a gorgeous strand), labradorite (best quality I’ve ever seen!), pink rutile (scrumptious), sapphire (pinks and greens ... mmm!) and, last but not least, black onyx. Can you tell I REALLY like the stuff I got from Arun? He truly has that little (!?) extra, in addition to the fact I get to hold and pick my own strands. I’m in bead heaven!


Lotta said...

I almost guessed, when you wrote that you were planning on a new direction with your jewellery. I also got the tutorial from Magda, but when will I ever get the time to do it?

We're in Berlin, by the way, until mid-January. Visiting family, getting my daughter the chance to speak more German.

All the best, Lotta

Lotta said...

*Gorgeous* stones, by the way. I'm green with envy...