Friday, October 29, 2010

Bedroom Issues

So, I’m on a quest for a new bed. I was so set on one from IKEA, because it’s dark (almost black, which is my preference), it’s nice and, of course, very reasonably priced (read: downright cheap!). But then I started shopping around ... I guess I shouldn’t have, because now I don’t know which one I want. Yes, the one from IKEA is still the best option financially (meaning, I could actually go get it this weekend), but should I let money decide on something that I will more than likely have for a very, very long time?

OK, so my three choices are:

The Hemnes bed in black/brown from IKEA. Very simple, very inexpensive, solid wood.

The Brighton Coffee bed in dark brown from Crate & Barrel. Nice details, solid and engineered woods, reasonably priced.

The Plateau bed in dark brown from West Elm. Minimalistic (is that a word?) design, solid wood, very simple, no need for box springs. But do I really want to give up my box springs? And, it’s only available online ... but I really like it.

You see! So, what’s a girl to do? Maybe I'll just go buy myself that zebra-print chair instead. After I paint the foyer and hallway, of course.

Psst. What did you think I was referring to with that title?