Friday, March 26, 2010

To buy or not to buy, that is the question

I saw this chair quite a while ago and decided it would look great in my foyer. It just happens to be on sale right now, so the question is: Do I get it now, or do I wait and run the risk of it not being available later?


Anna-Karin Hallström said...

You want it - you get it. :D

katja said...

I will. Next month. =)

Today I got the kitchen table and chairs instead. Malena said we need them more than a zebra print chair. She is 6. *le sigh*

you-wee because said...

Thanks a lot, American lady with the Russian/German forename, for posting a comment on my blog.

Vielleicht sprichst du ja sogar Deutsch? Mal sehen... ;-)

Wie auch immer / Anyways, enjoy the life in your part of our world,

Uwe ("you-wee").

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