Thursday, September 30, 2010

On My Wish List

I need something in my kitchen. Something to sit on and something to possibly keep the clutter from collecting on the counter tops. Something like this from Pottery Barn.

I want my guest bedroom to serve as a ... guest bedroom! But I also want it to be my studio, once I finally get back into making jewelry. The full-size bed that now lives there makes it impossible to fit a desk or anything else in it. So, it’s a good thing I fell in love with this daybed from Crate & Barrel. My future guests may not appreciate the pull-out trundle, but it’s not like I have enough overnight guests to warrant a whole bedroom set aside just for them, right. *hint, hint*

I’m also trying to make a serene spot out of my living room, which is virtually child-free (there’s no TV in there). I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg (since I’ll need those moving all this furniture around), so I’m leaning toward a sofa from IKEA. How long do you think it’ll remain white?