Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Aren't these beads just gorgeous? Well, imagine my disappointment when I went to order some and they didn't have any left ... there was ONE left of the turquoise ones. I want more than one, I want five! They had three of the amber ones, but what's the point of splitting the order and paying for shipping twice.

I suppose I will have to practice patience and check back later to see if they have more in stock. I hate it when I find something that I want to create with "right now" and I end up having to wait. Wait for chain. Wait for beads. Wait for time.

Right now I have lots of time. But no access to beading supplies. Then again, I should probably not be doing that at work anyway. Hm!


Leezy said...

Welcome aboard Katja — and I agree, these beads are DIVINE!!!!! I would've been just as frustrated if I had to wait, I know that feeling. Make sure you post some images of the jewelry you make, I am intrigued and would LOVE to see your creations.

Off to the UK this weekend, bt back before you know it!!!

Take it easy, and don't ever say you're ridicuously boring, I don't believe it for a minute.


katja said...

You are ever the encouraging one!
Check the link on the right, it'll take you to my Etsy store.