Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My first blog!

I have no idea what crazy idea of mine this was, but I guess I'm going to share something on this blog when the inclination is there to get something off my chest. Or waste some time. Or keep a record of some sort, of neat and inspirational things I come across.

I find it quite fascinating, when reading other people's blogs, how interesting it can be to read about someone else's everyday life, whether it's traditionally exciting or not. I guess there are others—like me—who are not off jetsetting or climbing Mount Everest, but who actually live just normal lives. We get up, make breakfast, shuffle children around and, if there happens to be a moment to oneself, make something creative. The itch to create is always there, but time is not always available as a single mom. Not that I'm complaining, really ... just stating a fact. Most evenings I crash right after the girls. I'm actually ridiculously boring! At the same time, there is a comfort in living a fairly predictable life. I treasure the times I DO get to sit down and make a necklace or a pair of earrings. What I long for most though, is to make a difference. I don't mean in a big way as the world would see it, but for someone. Even just one individual.

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