Friday, October 29, 2010

Bedroom Issues

So, I’m on a quest for a new bed. I was so set on one from IKEA, because it’s dark (almost black, which is my preference), it’s nice and, of course, very reasonably priced (read: downright cheap!). But then I started shopping around ... I guess I shouldn’t have, because now I don’t know which one I want. Yes, the one from IKEA is still the best option financially (meaning, I could actually go get it this weekend), but should I let money decide on something that I will more than likely have for a very, very long time?

OK, so my three choices are:

The Hemnes bed in black/brown from IKEA. Very simple, very inexpensive, solid wood.

The Brighton Coffee bed in dark brown from Crate & Barrel. Nice details, solid and engineered woods, reasonably priced.

The Plateau bed in dark brown from West Elm. Minimalistic (is that a word?) design, solid wood, very simple, no need for box springs. But do I really want to give up my box springs? And, it’s only available online ... but I really like it.

You see! So, what’s a girl to do? Maybe I'll just go buy myself that zebra-print chair instead. After I paint the foyer and hallway, of course.

Psst. What did you think I was referring to with that title?


Sirpale said...

Love the third one. But this is always hard, what to chooce?

Anna-Karin Hallström said...

Well.... I'm one of those that wants to change even the bigger furniture quite often, so I try to find the nicest, cheapest option I can find. Because I KNOW I'll be tired of it within a few years anyway.

So - which bed. I don't know. I like them all. :D

katja said...

Yeah, great help you two are!! I'm still leaning toward the IKEA one, I think. Both for price and design. But I have one more bed that I've been thinking of, but I haven't priced it out yet. The pieces are unfinished and you can finish them yourself, or they will finish them for you.

It's the top one on the left. It matches my dresser ...

Brandi said...

I like the middle one!

P.S. I'm so sorry I missed your post, Katja! I republished the weekly list with it, and added your blog to the blogroll so I don't forget again. Forgive me?

katja said...

Of course I do, Brandi!

Gemheaven said...

I like the third one ~ we have a bed with a head and foot board and it takes up so much space :)

Modeste Parisienne said...

My favorite without a doubt is the third one too. More streamlined, takes less space and you can refresh the look by changing the linens.