Friday, October 10, 2008

My Third Writing Assignment

Jonas turns the light on in Molly's bedroom and gently puts a hand on her back. "Time to get up, Sunshine." Molly stretches and tries to open her eyes. This morning, she doesn't want to. She turns her back and tries to pull the covers back over her head to keep the light out. "Molly munchkin," Jonas prods her, "if you don't get up, I can't fix you happy-face pancakes." Molly peeks from under the blanket. "Five," she says. "That's a lot of happy faces. Are you sure?" "Mmm. Two." "OK. Two it is."

Jonas leaves his precocious 4-year-old in bed and starts to prepare breakfast. Soon Molly comes and wraps her little arms around his legs. He treasures their sweet little morning ritual. He often finds himself prodding her along, but he still treasures the sweet, sleepy girl he has been blessed with. "Let's eat some pancakes," he announces, "and then we have to brush our teeth and ..." "And put some clothes on," Molly finishes his sentence. "That's right!"

Today Jonas decides to walk Molly to preschool instead of taking the city bus. There is a fresh blanket of snow on the ground and they laugh as they make tracks on the sidewalk. Jonas slides his feet to make it seem as if his feet are as long as skis and Molly giggles as she tries to do the same. Her giggles stop when they reach preschool. "Daddy, are you going to pick me up?" "Of course, don't I always pick you up on Mondays?" "I think so, Daddy." "How about I promise you so." Jonas bends down to take off her jacket. He gives her a squeeze. "I will be back to get you in six hours." Molly watches her father leave, assured that he will be back later. (302 words)

I didn’t make the dialogue breaks here, thinking I’d save some space!

And the instructor's reaction:

You gave me chills, this is wonderful. Is it part of a novel? Tell me yes. Eva

I think I am totally excited and soaring and on cloud something or other! On to the next assignment, right!


JoJoBell said...

Katja, wow I was ready to read the rest of the story. I loved the part where they are walking along and he is making his footprints long like skis. It seemed like such a private moment!

Sirpale said...

Minulla tuli heti fiilis, että olen lukemassa kirjaa ja jäin odottamaan jatkoa!
Tarina on hyvin kuvaileva ja tulee eläväksi lukijalle. Jotenkin olet saanut vangittua tarinaan kaiken oleellisen. Sinullahan on lahjoja tähän!
Miten tuo kurssi toimii? Antaako kurssin ohjaaja aina jonkin tietyn teeman tai jotakin sellaista, mistä lähdette kirjoittamaan?

katja said...

Thank you, Joanne! I kind of like to know what happens next, too!! ; )

Sirpa, kiitos! We have two lessons a week, followed by a quiz (about every other lesson) and an assignment. So far, we have had one writing assignment a week and the instructor gives us guidelines, such as no more than 300 words, include dialogue, etc. This particular piece was based on finding something in the newspaper as inspiration and had to be at least 500 words, edited down to 400 words and then submitting the first 300 words and summarizing the rest.