Sunday, October 19, 2008

Writing Assignment No. 4

As I look at my necklace, I begin to remember where I was at the time I made it. I was living in the only house I’ve ever lived in. A lovely split-level house that I had made a home for my husband and our children. I had recently picked up a new hobby I had been thinking about for quite some time. I remember my first trip to a bead store and how overwhelmed I was. I looked in awe at all the sparkly and shiny stones and beads in all shapes and sizes hanging on the walls. I have become quite familiar with bead stores since then, but that day I felt like a fish out of water. I looked at all the treasures in all the different colors and walked out without purchasing anything. I didn’t return until years later, when I had a plan and a purpose for my trip.

I remember leafing through one of my favorite catalogs at the time. A catalog filled with handcrafted articles, such as leather belts, boots, skirts, sweaters, and jewelry. The most beautiful jewelry I had ever seen. With each book that came in the mail, I was intrigued with each of the artists’ individual style. I also realized that I would never be able to afford any of them, no matter how simple they seemed. I thought back to my first visit to that bead store and thought, I can make something like this. With a picture of a very simple pearl and silver necklace in mind, I returned to the store and bought a strand of pearls, a bag of sterling silver balls, beading wire and a lobster clasp. Armed with my purchases I went home and made my first necklace.

As my confidence grew, I created my own version of the very popular Y-necklace and that is the necklace I have in front of me today. It was birthed out of love for citrine and peridot. I can’t recall if I realized the significance of those gemstones back then, but they are not lost on me today. My birthday is in November, which has citrine as its birthstone. Peridot is the birthstone of August, the month my two daughters were born three years apart.

This necklace, in its simplicity and its complexity, represents me in a different place. I have since gone through a heartbreaking separation from the love of my life. I have survived a divorce I believed I would never have to face. I lost my house before foreclosures became a trend. For the past three and a half years, I have shared custody every other weekend with the man I thought I would grow old with. This necklace takes me back to the time before and makes me sad. This necklace also brings me to the present, making me look around and see all the things God has blessed me with. I have a job I love. I have too healthy girls. I have friends whose shoulders I am allowed to cry on and who I can support in return. I have a roof over my head, a reliable car, clothes and shoes, and we have never gone hungry.

More than that, God has blessed me with creativity, with resilience and with unconditional love. I have learned that I can do it. When I think that there is not one more ounce of energy in me to raise these girls on my own, I find myself doing it. When I feel utterly defeated, He sends someone along with a word of courage. When I am in need of being comforted, He brings me love in little arms and little kisses. This necklace is proof that things made with care will last, and items treasured become more valuable with time. Whether they are children, friendships or the love of God. (646)

The only thing my instructor said, was:

Nudge: Check the guidelines for Okay? Eva

Hm ... I guess it's not negative, at least?!


Janine said...

This is beautiful! Your writing has really touched me. No matter what we are going through, there is a purpose and God will see us through if we are trusting in Him.
I, too, make jewelry, and your writing made me reflect on my small, insecure beginnings. We never know where God will take us tomorrow!

b2da3 said...

Hey Katja,

This is Melissa from the Writing class. I know what you mean about not really getting feedback from the instructor. That was what I was really hoping for when I joined up.

That being said, I enjoyed this piece very much. It was descriptive without being so drowned in detail that my attention wandered. It had good sentence structure, and the length of the senstenses were varied and didn't sound too wordy or too short.

The necklace was a good central theme for the loss of innocence you faced. I was moved very much by your story, and felt the narrator was a strong, inteeligent, articulate survivor of a woman who deserved my respect.

As a bonus, I got to look at all of the pretty shiny things you made. :)

I've made a writing board for those of us in the class-I hope you will join us on it.

It's located at-

b2da3 said...

Ugh...did I really type "senstenses"??? And "inteeligent"???

Oh dear.

This is why I need an editor. :P

katja said...

Thank you, Janine! It's a bumpy ride we're on isn't it, but somehow, with God's help, we make it through! Thank you for your kind words. : )

I'm curious, how did you find me?

katja said...

Melissa, you made me laugh! It is so frustrating when you find your spelling errors right as you hit "post." I like flickr, because I can edit my comments there, but here ... ugh!

I'm actually thinking of maybe becoming an editor instead of a writer ... I like both, but one seems easier than the other. I guess time will tell!

Thank you so much for your encouragement! I wonder if Eva sometimes thinks we're so confident we don't need any? Well, I need it, for sure! So, thank you!

JoJoBell said...

Beautiful Katja! Just when I was feeling defeated, this was the perefect peel my self off the floor and keep on keeping on that I needed!
By the way I tagged you. You can read the rules on my blog post today.

Sirpale said...

I think this text was touching once again. I nearly drop some tears. You told about things that have been difficult for you through that necklase. It was really well structured.

katja said...

Kiitos, Sirpa. It's scary to write about my own experiences, but at the same time it's what I know. : )