Sunday, September 28, 2008

Perfect Bargains!

I love it when I can get something at a fraction of the original price! I am usually not a very good bargain hunter ... could be because I don’t hunt. I shop. I just go, when time allows, and usually end up buying everything at full price. Yup. Not very smart, but I am just not that good at looking for the bargains. A month or so ago, I found myself some new underwear. Yes, a girl’s gotta have underwear. I got a couple of pairs on sale (yes, I just happened to find a bargain, but I wasn’t looking. And when I’m trying out a new style, I don’t want to pay full price.). Turns out I loved them and wanted to get more, since they had them in one of my favorite colors. However, they were going to be $10.50 for ONE pair. No way! I’m sorry, I may just be cheap in that area, but I am not paying $10.50 for a pair of underwear. Well, they did have them at a buy three for $24, but I was still not going to pay that. So, I was just going to have to wait and take my chances with THAT color being gone by the time they marked them down. Well, I stopped by the other day and saw that they were finally marked down to a doable $3.99 per pair. However, when I went to pay for them, they rang up at the original price and the cashier said that they were on the wrong table. “Well, never mind then,” I said. “I don’t want them at that price.” But, she was already in the process of telling me she would honor the sale price since it was their fault they were all on the same table. I may not be the best bargain shopper, but I am still blessed. If all it takes is getting three pair of panties for $11.97 instead of $24, it doesn’t take much to make this girl happy! God is good!

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