Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Peas and carrots

So, I thought the lemon quartz I bought a few weeks ago needed a companion ...

Diane at A Cut Above does not disappoint with her gems. What you see in her eBay store photos is pretty much what you get. I wish that were true for other eBay sellers, but ... you live and learn. Not that I have been HUGELY disappointed elsewhere, but also not thrilled. Diane will certainly get my repeat business. Both on eBay and now on Etsy.

Oh yeah, this is whiskey quartz! In case you were wondering ... !

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msbelle said...

I have bought many wonderful things off of Ebay. And I have bought some real disappointments too. Ebay is a great place to find things! But then so is Etsy nowadays too! Ebay still has a bigger selection. But it's been there for how many years. Etsy really shouldn't be selling gems. They have been supposed to separate the supplies from the 'handmade' as its real intention was. But that hasn't happened and don't know if it will. But it's nice to have both!