Saturday, December 1, 2007

Ruby Clusters

I finally had a chance to sit down and create something I had been noodling for quite a while. I wish I could sit for about a week and just make all the things that are still in my head ... Thumbnails? Nah, never been much for those, not even in my design work. I like creating on the go! I like seeing it take shape on the screen, when I do layouts, and in my hands, when I work with beads and gemstones.

So, I’m pretty pleased with how these pieces turned out, considering I don’t usually make sets. And I’m not selling it on Etsy as a set, either. But, they do go together nicely, don’t you think?! Lots of rubies and large faceted amethysts in a truly unique shape.

And here are the earrings I made during my last session (see previous post), but didn’t get a chance to photograph until now. You can really see the blue flash in the labradorites this time. I learned a trick to photographing labradorite, but I need a light box for that and ... well, I’m not really in a place where I can set up a light box at this time. Maybe one day ...

The other stone in these earrings is chrysocolla, which I had not seen in this magnificent a blue prior to buying these.

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