Friday, September 7, 2007

Back to normal … ?!

I just realized it has been forever since I last posted anything here, so I thought a short update would be appropriate. I’m happy to share that I sold two more pieces from my Etsy site. Had to ship them all the way to England, which was exciting. Of course, it’s exciting to ship them just about anywhere, so don’t let the destination stop you! I have bought a lot more beads during The Colorstones 4th Anniversary Sale (did I really need more beads?), and now I am anxious to get started on new projects. Lots of new projects! I think I’ll start with doing an inventory, but my goal is to get at least one piece done this weekend. My storage boxes are simply overflowing and need some relief! I guess we’ll see if I have something to show here after the weekend.

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Leezy said...

Hey Katja,
Thanks for stopping by. It's great to read up on all your latest adventures, too. I LOVE your beads! LOVE that you went to Sweden and had a good time. I promise to come here and visit more. Now I want to check your Etsy store ...

Hope you are well!