Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas Shopping

So, this happens to me every year when I set out to begin my Christmas shopping ... I don’t have that many people to shop for, and I try to limit how many things I give my girls (still under the illusion of Santa Claus, right), so, it should be fairly easy, right? Right. With a lose plan I head to the mall ... or Etsy ... And I end up ...

“Oooh, I’ve wanted these for so long. I’m getting them. For me.”

“Oooh, I think I need these, so I’m getting them. For me.”

“Well, the girls need to think Santa remembered me, too, so I’m just going to get this. For me. Eh, I mean, for my new collection.”

Needless to say, I still have to go shop for my girls, and a few other people. And maybe I’ll just pick up that thing for myself. You know, that thing I really have to have.


P.S. You can find more lovely earrings by my dear, talented friend Ginger here. Check your local stores for memory blocks by Sid Dickens.


Anna-Karin Hallström said...

LOL.... I have NOOOO idea what you're talking about.

*hides stash of Christmas presents for me*

katja said...

So, is it a Swedish thing?

Sirpale said...

Might be scandinavian... ;)

katja said...

Ha ha ha! Nice way to say, you do it, too, Sirpa!

Is this an instance of great minds thinking alike?

msbelle said...

Where have I been???

Thank you so much Katja! I love you!

katja said...

You're welcome, Ginger!

(wearing the dangly ones today)