Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Budding Artist

Both of my daughters love to draw and color, and in typical fashion I get all kinds of artwork to put on my refrigerator. Some good, some ... well, let’s just say they get filed somewhere else. These two, however, will not go on my fridge, instead they will eventually—hopefully soon—get framed and displayed in my new house. Elisabet did these in her 3rd grade art class. Her monster is so dark, and yet so lovable and original. But I especially love her self-portrait, the way she sees herself.


JoJoBell said...

I love to see self portraits. So special!

Anonymous said...

Those are wonderful! Definitely keepers. (I know where the other ones go. LOL.)

Pia said...

Jättefina teckningar! Gillar speciellt självporträttet!

De speciella teckningarna hör alltid hemma inom glas och ram!

katja said...

Thank you, Joanne, Sheridan and Pia! And yes *cough, cough* the other ones get stored in a special special place, don't they. Ehum!

This self-portrait will definitely grace a wall in my new house. :)


Anna-Karin Hallström said...

The "other place" is also known as "the round cabinet". :P Like in "oh look, a bill... I think I'll file this in the round cabinet". LOL

But these two drawings are definately keepers. Lovely. Both of them and I especially love her monster. A kid's monster drawing can say a lot about the kid... and this monster is just too cute. :)