Monday, April 20, 2009

So, what up?

Social networking has become very popular. We have MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, Twitter and Plurk, among others, I’m sure. I have passed some by, thinking they are not for me, and embraced some. Facebook is easy to use and helps me keep in touch with my computer-challenged mother in Sweden. Flickr is a great place to drop my photos for comments and encouragement, and to keep a few of my favorite shots of the girls within easy reach. Twitter was OK ... until I found Plurk. I am totally hooked, and it seems, so are the other Plurkers. My friends on Plurk seem to be the same group of enthusiastic jewelry designers as on Flickr, but here we can keep a running dialog without having to refresh the screen. It’s all happening right there, with lots of fun emoticons to liven up the comments. It gets hysterical some times.

Why don’t you come check it out here?


Anna-Karin Hallström said...

And the best part is I had to DRAG her - kicking and screaming - to Plurk. She wasn't "impressed". MWAHAHAHA....

Guess I made a convert out of you Katja. :D

also a convert

msbelle said...

Oh no!! Our secret's out!! Dang!

I'm having soooo much fun!!

katja said...

Definitely a convert. Yup, yup!