Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I just received the nicest of surprises in the mail, from my dear friend Sirpa. She had asked me earlier in the week if I had received anything yet, so when I knew something was coming, I rushed to the mail box every day, but ... nothing. Until yesterday. And what a lovely box full of pretties it was. Everything was so carefully wrapped, even my girls ooohed and aaahed over each little bag and bow. Each little gift—with ties to Finland—was carefully selected for me. Most precious was probably the letter she wrote, telling me about each company and its history, and more importantly, about Sirpa herself.

Thank you so much, Sirpa!

Each gift was so nicely wrapped, and the two gold bags were tied in a way I had never seen before. The girls and I marveled at each little goodie.

The aftermath of reluctantly tearing through all the pretty bags.

All the pretties revealed. Earrings by Aarikka, a bracelet by Sirpa herself, a reindeer from Pentik, magnet, tags and note cards by Minna L. Immonen of MinnaKortti, a bag by Marimekko, and chocolate and salmiakki by Fazer.

Wearing the lovely earrings from Aarikka.

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