Monday, May 5, 2008

In a New Direction

I have been somewhat inspired lately to make earrings. Different earrings. I think I am at a point where I can safely say that my style is changing. This is the direction I want to go. It’s fun! I’m having fun again. If other people enjoy what I make and want to buy it, wonderful! If they don’t, I will still keep making what I want to make until God tells me to stop.

The first pair—Blueberry Sorbet—features a new stone for me. It’s called Angelite and has the slightest little shimmer to it. I paired these long smooth drops with faceted rondelles of amethyst and smooth ovals of pink tourmaline. The second pair—Champagne Bubbles—features faceted beer quartz coins topped with faceted rondelles of Oregon sunstone, rondelles and smooth ovals of tourmaline in different shades. The third pair—Dreaming of Sweden—has gorgeous ovals of kyanite with a cube-faceted lemon quartz above it. They are accented by faceted rondelles of blue apatite and smooth ovals of yellow tourmaline. The fourth pair—Spring Lilacs—has beautiful romantic drops of pink opal topped by a cluster of sparkly, faceted moonstone rondelles and a few pink tourmalines.

I’m ready make more, and I have several of my Flickr friends to thank for being there to lend their support and to spur me on, even when they had no idea I was struggling. I have seen and met more talent on Flickr pages than I could’ve ever imagined and the best thing is that, although we are all making jewelry and are essentially in competition with each other, there is nothing but genuine love and admiration for each other’s work. I never get the feeling that we are competing. At all. Except maybe to have the most amount of gemstones. LOL! I have found a group of people with the same obsession for sparkly things as I have—and it’s a good place to be!


Lotta said...

These earrings are all gorgeous, so keep going in this direction! I sometimes wish I could do this luxe type of jewellery, but I always tend towards the simpler styles.

katja said...

I know what you mean. I've been selling the simpler stuff at work, but when I put it on Etsy ... it just sat there. Not sure how this is going to do, but I'm having fun making them!

Thank you, Lotta, for the encouragement!