Saturday, February 9, 2008

Saturday Shopping!

I have a confession to make. I know, you’re thinking, “Again?” Ha, ha! I have a serious shopping addiction. I can’t stay off the precious gems sites on Etsy and eBay (forgive me all you serious Etsy people for mentioning the two in the same sentence). I would do just fine if I stayed off my computer altogether. I wouldn’t start looking if I weren’t already sitting here with nothing much to do but to look at pretty pictures of even prettier stones.

Oh, what’s the point!!!

Here’s what I purchased today from a fabulous fellow Etsian.

So, just shoot me!!!


Gemheaven said...

Perfect - you bought all of my favourites from Tamara (Living in the UK means I would have customs to contend with :( )

Found your blog via Flickr - hope you don't mind :)

katja said...

Jo, I don't mind at all! Your jewelry is heavenly!! I'm going to add you to my Blog list, if you don't mind.

And you are very observant, aren't you!? You recognized Tamara's stones. Do you not have an Etsy store?

Gemheaven said...

Thanks Katja will add you to mine too - then I won't loose you!!

No etsy store just my own website!!

msbelle said...

I found you on Flickr too! And I love your choices there! Those tourmalines are to die for!

Adding you to my blogroll too!

You better watch Jo, she'll try to get your stash!!! ;)


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

ooooh, that last pic is just way, way too pretty!

katja said...

Maryam, yes the picture is nice, but that's not what I got ... so, I returned them. Unfortunately ... : (